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Fti Advisory Pte. Ltd. ("Fti") is a complete professional service provider for accounting, auditing, bookkeeping, company secretarial, taxation and others.   Fti is a boutique advisory company founded by 2 experienced and dynamic chartered accountants to assist small and medium enterprises ("SMEs") and subsidiaries of overseas companies to meet their Singapore legal and statutory obligations with ACRA and IRAS.

In Fti, any company, business or individual in Singapore can benefit from a comprehensive range of services.  We assist you in all aspects pertaining to the formation of a company/ business, appointment of a director/ company secretary, application of an employment/ dependant's pass to handling your book-keeping, sme audit service, accounting records, auditing your financial statements and filing your income tax/ GST returns PLUS resolving any other internal control issues within and outside Singapore. 

It is crucial to talk to us if you are considering of acquiring a business/ company for synergy purpose.  Make us part of your business and use our expertise to negotiate the best deal with the target company (if any).   Conversely, you may seek our professional advice if you wish to dispose of your operations or strike off your company with ACRA.   Our clients value our responsiveness, knowledge and quality of service.  Stretch every dollar for the best advice you can find.  In short, you pay less at Fti and get much more than what the Big 4 international accounting firms can offer.

Fti 咨询有限公司 (以下简称"Fti") 提供全面专业服务如会计, 审计, 记账, 公司秘书, 税务及其它业务。Fti 是一所由 2位 经验丰富和具有动力的注册会计师创办的精品咨询公司。Fti的成立是为了协助中小型企业和海外公司的新加坡子公司履行新加坡国税局 (以下简称"IRAS"), 新加坡会计和企业管理局 (以下简称"ACRA") 的法律和法定义务。 在Fti,任何新加坡公司, 企业或个人都可以受益于一系列的全面服务。我们协助您成立公司/ 商业,委任新董事 /公司秘书,申请就业证 /家属证和处理您的账目,会计记录,审核您的财务报表和协助填报公司税 /退税, 商品及服务税加上解决任何其他内部控制问题。

至关重要的是,如果您正考虑收购业务为达到协同作用请马上与我们面谈,利用我们的专业知识, 让我们成为您业务的一部分来争取目标公司的最佳售价。相反的,如果您希望在ACRA注销您的公司, 我们的专业服务将是您的首选。 客户对我们快速的反应,知识和服务质量有很好的评价。Fti为客户提供超值的全面专业服务。简单的说,您在 Fti付得少但获得超越4 大国际会计师事务所可以提供的服务。