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The founders of Fti have more than 20 years of experience in accounting, auditing, tax and other special audit such as internal audit and due diligence, company secretarial service in Singapore.  Out of which, more than 15 years of the experience are accumulated in the Big 4 international accounting firms within and outside Singapore. Fti offers a spectrum of services to the owners of SMEs and subsidiaries of multi-national corporations ("MNCs") in Singapore as well as companies from China, Malaysia, India, Indonesia, Europe and US which have operations in Singapore and China at a fee much lower than what is offered by the Big 4 international accounting firms for the nominee singapore director same service. Make Fti a part of your business and tap the expertise of the founders to accelerate your growth in Asia.  Fti is more than just an advisor to your business/ company.  It is your business companion.

Fti delivers each service to its valued client with passion and pride.  The target customers of Fti are mainly SMEs or any start-ups as they have budget constraints in hiring the experts/ professionals for their business/ company.  The founders understand each need of the SMEs and are prepared to offer the professional advice by capitalizing their experience acquired from the Big 4 international accounting firms in and outside Singapore for the growth of the SMEs in Singapore and China.

Fti's Vision

Be a leading business advisor to SMEs and MNCs in Asia!

Fti's Mission

Add value to your business!

Fti's Goal

Grow with your business!

Why Choose Fti?

Pay less and GET MORE!!

In Fti, you pay less than what the Big 4 international accounting firms are charging for the same service BUT receive MORE RESPONSIVE and PERSONALISED services than what the Big 4 international accounting firms can offer.  Clients come to Fti for its RESPONSIVENESS, KNOWLEDGE and VALUE of service.

Fti 创始人有超过20 年的会计、审计、税务和其它专项审计如内部审计和尽职调查的从业经验。其中,超过15 年的的宝贵工作经验是于新加坡及海外的4大国际会计师事务所积累的。 Fti希望为有需要的新加坡中小型企业和跨国企业 (以下简称"跨国公司"),以及海外公司如中国、 马来西亚、 印度、 印度尼西亚、美国和欧洲的新加坡公司提供全面的专业服务。 Fti比4大国际 会计师事务所提供相同服务的费用低得多。Fti积极的为其尊敬的客户提供每项值得骄傲和超值的服务。让 Fti 成为贵公司业务的一部分,通过创始人的专业知识, 加速贵公司在亚洲的增长。Fti不只是您的业务顾问 。它是您的商业伙伴。

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Fti 的使命: 


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为什么选择Fti ?

低收费,高收益 !!

在Fti,您支付低于 4大国际会计师事务所的收费,但获得比4大国际会计师事务所所可能提供的服务更迅速和更亲切。Fti客户的口碑是, Fti反应迅速, 具有丰富的专业知识和提供超值的服务。