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Accounting 会计

All About Expertise 技能之谈

If your in-house or outsourced bookkeepers have difficulties in resolving accounting issues or certification audit singapore Accounting & Tax Singapore unable to understanding the complexity of accounting records, talk to us! We handle all accounting issues and make accounting understandable to the lay man.  This is important when you are attending to the queries of unaudited financial statements Singapore and/ or IRAS.  We are the experts for straightening accounting records retrospectively for back years or from the year of inception.

如果您的公司内部或外协会计师无法理解复杂的会计记录或难以解决某些会计相关问题,请和我们面谈 !我们处理所有会计问题,并使会计更容易理解和运作。 具备明确的会计记录是您回答 ACRA / IRAS 新加坡国税局查询时所应做好的准备工作。我们是协助追溯会计记录的专家。追溯年度可直达公司的成立年。

Agreed-Upon Procedures Review 商定程序审查

Unveiling the truth 真相大白

Such review is relevant to MNCs which have operations in Singapore or for China, India, Indonesia, or Malaysia companies which have overseas operations in Singapore.  Usually, the parent companies overseas would like to have a better understanding of the Singapore operations BUT they do not have the resources to carry out a review and/ or are unfamiliar with the Singapore legal and statutory requirements and business environment.  Fti is your choice for such reviews incorporate Singapore company.  The scope of review is agreed-upon before it is carried out. All findings will be communicated with both the local and overseas offices.

一般而言, 这种审查是有利于协助相关的跨国公司了解它的新加坡关联公司或是中国, 印度, 印度尼西亚和马来西亚公司在新加坡的业务运作。这些海外公司没有足够的资源对其新加坡关联公司进行审查和/ 或对新加坡法律和法定要求及营商环境不熟悉。Fti 对这种审查有一定的经验, 是您的选择。 我们将与有关的新加坡关联公司或其跨国公司敲定审查程序和范围后进行商定程序审查。所有审查结果将都汇报给本地及海外关联或母公司。

Auditing 审计

Commitment & Professionalism 积极专业

The founders' substantial experience in auditing comes handy for SMEs or start-up businesses if you are in search of an auditing firm.  The audit report will be issued by an affiliated firm. Auditing in Singapore for SMEs is not mandatory UNLESS certain criteria are fulfilled.  Nonetheless, more SMEs are accepting auditing as part of their business operations as they may be approaching banks or financial institutions for loans or applying for grants from certain government departments.

Fti offers freelance auditing services from meeting with clients, preparing fieldwork, reviewing of audit work papers to finalizing financial statements.  The purpose of such services is to assist certain small CPA firms with staff shortage during the busy seasons to deliver quality and timing services to their clients.  Fti has a wide range of industry experience as well as the experience on work paper documentation in compliance with ACRA's practice monitoring programme ("PMP") for CPA firms.

Fti创始人具有丰富的中小型企业或新办企业的审计经验。如果您或贵公司正在寻找一所具有诚信的会计师事务所, 请与我们面谈。审计对中小型企业一般而言不是强制的除非该中小型企业或新办企业符合某些条件。然而,更多中小型企业能接受审计为其业务范围的一部分,因为这些中小型企业在可预见的未来打算向银行或金融机构贷款,或从某些政府部门申请资金协助企业发展。 为了协助某些小型会计师事务所解决忙季工作人员短缺并为他们的客户提供具质量和即时的服务,Fti 提供自由人审计服务。该服务包括与客户会面,准备与审核审计底稿以及准备财务报表等审计工作。Fti拥有广泛的行业经验及熟悉ACRA在执行PMP时对会计师事务所审计底稿质量的要求。 选则Fti, 您的公司将获得 4 大国际会计师事务所认可的审计程序和质量但所付的费用却远低于4 大国际会计事务所的收费。