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Bookkeeping 记账

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If you are your own boss managing a SME, you may not have sufficient resources to hire a full time book-keeper or accountant.  Alternatively, you may be juggling your precious time to attend to the details of transactions in order to meet the requirements set by ACRA annual filing and IRAS annual filing.  With Fti, you can confidently spend your limited time in generating revenue for the company and let Fti take care of your book-keeping services on a monthly, quarterly or yearly basis to meet your filing requirements with ACRA and IRAS.  Annual ACRA filing service, annual IRAS tax filing Singapore, freelance accountant Singapore, freelance bookkeeping Singapore

如果您是中小型企业的老板,你可能没有足够的资源来聘请全职记账员或会计师,或者,您可能耗费宝贵的时间处理琐碎的会计记录,以满足ACRA 和IRAS新加坡国税局的要求。选则Fti,您可以有信心的利用您有限的时间为公司带来业务创造收入。Fti提供您月,季或年度的账目处理和记账服务。

Cash Flow Management 现金流量管理

A Balancing Act 力争平衡

It is highly challenging for any business to exercise good management on cash flows taking into consideration the need for sufficient credit period allowed to customers and the needs to meet the creditors' obligations. If your company has been in business for some years and is facing a dilemma of balancing your cash inflows and outflows to minimize your cost of capital, meet Fti for a detailed discussion. Proper and efficient management of cash flows will reduce the business' cost of borrowing substantially and increase its profitability.

管理好现金流量以满足对债权人的义务是具高度挑战性。一间公司需要不断的探讨如何以合理的客户回收款期限和满足对债权人的义务来降低公司的借贷成本。 如果您的公司这几年来一直在业务上面对现金流入和流出的棘手问题,请与Fti 详谈。适当和有效的管理现金流将大幅度降低业务成本,增加公司的盈利。

Corporate Secretary 公司秘书

Fulfilling Legal Needs 履行义务

Corporate secretarial services are necessary for a SME which does not have the knowledge of compliance with the Companies Act (cap 50). If you are the only shareholder and director in the company, Fti is available to assist you with all corporate secretarial functions to discharge your obligations governed in the Companies Act.

Talk to us to get a full understanding of your role as a director and/ or company secretary.  We have various service packages ranging from the filing of annual accounts/ returns and AGM to filing of resolutions to cater to your size of operations.

如果您或贵公司对新加坡公司法令(第 50 章)不熟悉,请与我们面谈。我们可以帮助您或任何中小型企业或新办企业履行它们在公司法令(第 50 章)规定的义务例如您担任董事和/ 或公司秘书所应扮演的角色。 我们的服务从协助中小型企业或新办企业提交年度会计报表, 安排年度股东大会, 更新企业营业执照及提交各项董事会决议以履行它们在公司法令(第 50 章)规定的义务。