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Due Diligence 尽职调查

A Decision Point 关键考量

Before you decide to invest in or acquire a new business, check with us. We have diversified experience in due diligence for you to tap on.  Due diligence allows you to get the information beyond what is presented on the financial statements of the target companies.  Due diligence is deemed a necessary process even if you are contemplating of acquiring a business from a friend or a related party.

在您决定投资或收购任何新企业之前,请和我们面谈。通过我们多样化和在不同行业中的适当经验, 我们能为您想收购的任何新企业做全面的尽职调查。 尽职调查的内容让您了解超越公司财务报表上体现的信息。尽职调查是您考虑收购任何新企业前务必执行的程序。

Employment/ Dependant's Pass Application 就业 / 家属证申请

Cosmopolitan City Lives 城市人生

Singapore has been voted to be one of the easiest cities to do business in the world while she continues to earn a reputation to be an accounting hub in Asia.  Singapore has a great appeal to foreigners within and outside Asia as her work-force is well-educated and conversant in English and Mandarin.  Foreigners use Singapore as a gateway to China and the Middle East. Singapore is a cosmopolitan city for business in Asia.  She possesses the eastern and western cultures in ONE country.

If you are looking to start an employment in Singapore, Fti is here to take care of your application for the employment pass with the Ministry of Manpower ("MOM").  Contact us to get the necessary paper work done while you are in Singapore.  Renewal or a new application of the employment pass can be arranged by us. However, if you are already in Singapore BUT are contemplating of re-locating your family here, seek our advice too.  Dependant's pass application can be lodged with MOM when certain criteria are fulfilled.  Feel free to talk to us for any other information you need. We look after expatriates and their families to ensure they work and live comfortably in Singapore with no disturbance to your lives in the cosmopolitan city.  Employment pass application Singapore.

虽然新加坡一连多年被评为世界上最适合经商的国际大都会之一,她继续开创成为亚洲的会计领域因为她拥有一支受过良好教育和精通双语的劳动队伍。 对外国人而言, 新加坡有巨大的魅力。外国人把新加坡作为通往中国和中东地区的必经通道。新加坡是一个汇集东西方文化的国际大都会。 如果您想在新加坡就业,Fti能协助您按照人力部 (以下简称"MOM") 程序办理就业证。当您底达新加坡时请联系我们以确认您所需提交的申请表已妥当填写。  我们可以协助安排申请就业证延期或提交新就业证申请。  如果您已经在新加坡,并打算把您的家人安置在这里,请与我们面谈。  在满足某些MOM条件时,我们可以协助您向MOM提出家属证申请。请随时向我们寻求您所需要的任何信息。  我们照顾外籍人士及其家属,以确保他们在新加坡大都会的舒适工作和生活没有干扰。

Fraud Investigation 欺诈调查

Focused Discovery 焦点发掘

With financial transactions getting creative and complex, it is almost certain that many SMEs face the risk of fraud.  Fraud investigation allows us to present to you the findings of a person or connected persons' wrong doings.  The management of the company should blow the whistle if there are indications that fraud has taken place.  The purpose of fraud investigation is for the company to send a strong message to its employees indicating that the results of any wrong doings will be pursued.

随着会计交易日愈复杂及具创意,它是很多中小型企业面对被欺诈的一大隐蔽风险。欺诈调查使我们能够向您揭发进行欺诈交易人或其他与交易人有关的关联方交易。 如管理层发现公司有任何欺诈的迹象应吹鸣警笛。欺诈调查的目的是让公司以调查内容和结果向雇员发出强烈的信息,警惕雇员公司对欺诈行为的追究及雇员对过失应负的责任。