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Forensic Accounting 亏空举报调查

Finding the Probable 寻找线索

If you are working for a MNC or a foreign operation of the MNC and you SUSPECT some wrongful transactions are taking place, it is important to communicate with us to gather more evidence in the process of forensic accounting singapore, pic claim.  Our role is to evaluate all possibilities that give rise to your suspicion and present the necessary findings for your consideration and action.

如果您是跨国企业或外国公司新加坡分公司的管理层,您接到一些有关企业发生亏空举报或不法交易的风声,您不应该打草惊蛇但应该马上与我们联系搜集更多证据以鉴定风声的真伪。 我们的角色是对某些可疑的会计交易和计录进行分析评估以确认您的质疑是否可靠。所有调查结果将提交供您审阅参照。

Internal Audit 内部审计

Practising Good Governance 良好管理

When your operation is a foreign branch or a company of an overseas listed Internal Audit Singapore company which does not have an internal audit department, it is time that you need our internal audit service. Internal audit service is different from the services rendered by the external auditors that you have engaged.  Internal audit service provides you an in-depth understanding of how the key internal controls ranging from operations to financial, corporate income tax singapore, personal income tax singapore and others.  Weaknesses identified during the internal audit will be accompanied with recommendations for implementation.  The results of the implementation will be followed up on a periodic basis.  We offer FREE-of-charge follow up action after the completion of the internal audit within 6 months.

It is always good to self-check the compliance of the company's policies and ensure that they are not mis-used by certain employees.

如果您在新加坡的企业属于国外分机构或在海外挂牌上市的公司,一般而言,公司没有内审部。我们的内部审计正是为这些新加坡的企业和海外公司服务。内部审计有别于您已委任的独立审计师所提供的服务。 内部审计服务让您深入了解企业关键的内部控制如财务部,业务部或其他部门。我们将提供贵公司内部审计中所发现有待提高的内控体制和其实际并有效的改进建议。 我们将免费定期 (6个月以内) 跟进企业执行我们所提出的实际并有效的建议。内部审计是一项自我查询检讨公司政策执行的任务,并确保他们不被某些员工滥用。

Internal Control Review 内部控制审查

Piling A Foundation 打好基础

It is the responsibility of the management to ensure that the Company establishes a sound internal control system.  However, many SMEs and certain companies do not have the expertise and knowledge of what constitutes a good internal control system.  We look into the key controls in operation in your company and provide recommendations on areas that warrant improvements.  Simply invite us to give you a good understanding of what constitutes the key internal controls.

管理层的责任是确保公司建立健全的内部控制制度。然而,许多中小型企业和某些海外公司缺乏如何建立一个健全的内部控制的专业技能和知识。 请联系我们为贵公司分析什么是关键的内部控制, 并提供值得改进的建议供贵公司审阅参照。

Key Man Employment/ Resignation Review 掌权关键人任职/ 辞职审查

A Clear Message 清晰讯号

Wrongful doings and fraud usually occur with the key man in any company as he is familiar with the operations of the company and has a certain level of overriding authority. It is therefore useful and necessary for a company to conduct an investigation into the key man's lifestyle and material needs possession and/ or any other related persons connected to him during his employment period or upon receipt of his notice of resignation.

导致任何一家公司的不法和欺诈行为的发生通常源于对它的运作有一定熟悉程度的掌权关键人。 在掌权关键人的任职期或当他辞职时, 管理层有必要针对该掌权关键人和/ 或其他与该掌权关键人接触的关联人的生活方式和物质拥有进行调查。这是为了让管理层了解该掌权关键人在任职期间是否有滥用权限挪用公款或进行不法交易的行为。