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Outsourced Accountants 外包会计师

Containing Business Cost 成本控制

Many SMEs and companies do not have sufficient resources to hire full time accountants.  Due to the low volume of transactions in the companies, outsourced accounting is widely received by these companies. The outsourced accountant is there to ensure your finance and admin functions are taken care of on the selected number of days based on your request.

由于业务量偏低,很多中小型企业和公司没有足够的资源来聘请全职会计师。我们为这些中小型企业和公司提供外包会计师即符合这些公司要求也同时协助他们控制营运成本。 我们可以按照贵公司的要求提供外包会计师,以满足它的财务和管理职能。我们的收费是按照天数和工时计价。

Payroll Management 薪酬管理

Freeing Up Resources 善用资源

Many SMEs, start-ups and certain small Singapore operations of the MNCs do not have IRAS and GST Filings Singapore theresources of hiring a full time human resource person. They prefer to outsource accountant singapore the monthly payroll function of the company to a professional firm which is well versed in the CPF regulations and local labour laws. In Fti, we assist SMEs, chartered accountant Singapore, start-ups and MNCs meet their legal and statutory obligations as employers at a monthly minimal charge.

许多中小型企业、新办企业和某些在新加坡有少量业务的跨国公司没有资源招聘全职人力资源的人。他们愿意外包薪酬管理的业务给精通新加坡公积金条例和劳工法例的专业公司。 在Fti,我们以每月最低收费协助中小型企业,新办企业和某些跨国公司履行雇主在新加坡的法律和法定义务。

Profit-Cost Feasibility Studies 利润与成本分配可行性研究

A Corporation's Backbone 企业脊椎

If your company has been in operation for a few years and has not achieved the expected results as you desire, it is time to tap on our expertise to carry out a review on the profit-cost feasibility studies. We will present you a full perspective on various options to achieve your expectations taking into consideration the relevant tax laws.


Projects On Franchiser-Franchisee Arrangement 特许加盟 (或委托-代理)

Assurance for Future 长远保障

Franchising is getting trendy in this rapid-changing business environment especially in F&B, hospitality and healthcare industries.  It is certainly one of the quickest ways to grow the business in any market as compared to starting it from scratch by establishing the necessary business network. However, like in the case of principal-agent arrangements, most franchisors will impose on them franchisees to achieve a specific revenue target per annum.  Therefore, it is common for the franchisees to get the revenue audited and certified by the accountants.  The auditing and certification of revenue for franchisees can be carried out by us.

在这个变化快速的商业环境下特许加盟已成为业务发展最快的方法之一。由其是零售业, 饮食业, 保健美容业, 酒店业和娱乐业等。从零开始通过建立必要的业务网络需要很长的时间。 在委托-代理安排的情况下多数经销商会强制专营公司每年达到特定的收入指标。专营公司获得的收入务必经过审计师审核再上报给经销商。 我们专为特许加盟店或委托-代理的营业收入进行审核以让他们把审核后的数具上报给加盟商或经销商。

Taxation 税务处理

Every Sense Counts 以思维主

Some SMEs, companies and individuals always encounter difficulties in filing the tax returns or performing tax planning to reduce the tax liabilities.  Tap on our knowledge and experience in dealing with IRAS on all Singapore tax services for the matters such as claiming tax refunds, filing quarterly GST and lodging pertinent objections to reduce your tax liabilities. Fti has good track records in assisting Singapore and overseas companies successfully in saving some tax liabilities due to tax planning.  To help sme audit service Singapore save some tax payable to IRAS, talk to us today!

一些中小型企业、公司和个人经常被如何妥善填报税表或如何有效的为自己或企业进行税务规划以减少税款所困扰。 利用我们的新加坡税务知识和经验协助您或贵公司减少税务负担或向IRAS 新加坡国税局提出税务处理事项的异议和相关退税或提交GST商品及服务税季度处理。 Fti拥有成功协助新加坡及海外企业向IRAS 新加坡国税局索取退税及协助一些中小型企业、公司进行税务规划后减少税款的良好纪录。如果您的公司想在税务上减轻负担,请与我们面谈!